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Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics
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ISSN Druckformat: 2151-8017
ISSN Online: 2151-8025

Archives: Volume 1, 2010 to Volume 7, 2016

Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics

DOI: 10.1615/ForumImmunDisTher.2015013964
pages 25-45

The New Generation of Antibody Drug Conjugates

Vincent Blot
Tanabe Research Laboratories USA Inc., San Diego CA 92121
Robyn Richardson
Tanabe Research Laboratories USA Inc., San Diego CA 92121
Julia Coronella
Tanabe Research Laboratories USA Inc., San Diego CA 92121


The concept of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) has existed for some decades, but advances in toxin and linker technology and improved target selection have only recently enabled the construction of molecules with significant clinical activity. Like all oncology drugs, the current generation of ADCs was built on the successes of the previous generation, with improvements in their liabilities. In many cases, the ADCs now in the clinic have impressive efficacy, but there is clearly room for future improvements to extend the therapeutic index and the duration and breadth of clinical responses. In this review, we examine emerging concepts based on recent data and technologies that may provide the basis of increased clinical efficacy.

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