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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences
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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences

DOI: 10.1615/JAutomatInfScien.v44.i8.60
pages 55-65

Behavior of the System of Noncircular Holes in a Halfspace with a Free Boundary under the Impact of Stationary SH-waves

Boris E. Panchenko
V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev


For the evaluation study of the control problem of the mechanical characteristics of the noncircular holes in the half-space with a free boundary, the method of the numerical interpolation of high-accuracy results of solving the direct problem can be applied. The parallel algorithm of numerical solution of the direct stationary dynamic problem of the elasticity theory on the interaction of SH-waves with the system of holes of arbitrary cross-section located in the half-space with a boundary, that is free from forces, is proposed and investigated. The boundary value problem is reduced to the system of integral equations, which are solved numerically. The scheme of parallel computing has allowed to explore the situation with a large number of reflecting holes. The new numerical results are given.


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