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Plasma Medicine
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ISSN Druckformat: 1947-5764
ISSN Online: 1947-5772

Plasma Medicine

DOI: 10.1615/PlasmaMed.2018028325
pages 269-277

Limiting Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Formation Using Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Bethany L. Patenall
Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK
Hollie Hathaway
Department of Chemistry, Lancaster University, UK
Adam C. Sedgwick
Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK
Naing T. Thet
Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK
George T. Williams
Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK
Amber E. Young
The Scar Free Foundation Centre for Children's Burns Research, The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol, UK
Sarah L. Allinson
Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
Robert D. Short
Department of Chemistry, Lancaster University, UK
Andrew Toby A. Jenkins
Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK


We investigate the ability to disrupt and limit growth biofilms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using application of cold atmospheric pressure (CAP) plasma. The effect of the bio-film's exposure to a helium (CAP) jet was assessed at varying time points during biofilm maturation. Results showed that the amount of time during biofilm growth that CAP pressure was applied has a crucial role on the ability of biofilms to mature and recover after CAP exposure. Intervention during the early stages of biofilm formation (0-8 h) results in a 4-5-log reduction in viable bacterial cells (measured at 24 h of incubation) relative to untreated biofilms. However, CAP treatment of biofilm at 12 h and above only results in a 2-log reduction in viable cells. This has potentially important implications for future clinical application of CAP to treat infected wounds.

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