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Critical Reviews™ in Eukaryotic Gene Expression
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Critical Reviews™ in Eukaryotic Gene Expression

DOI: 10.1615/CritRevEukarGeneExpr.2013006580
pages 65-76

Important Biology Events and Pathways in Brucella Infection and Implications for Novel Antibiotic Drug Targets

Guangjun Gao
College of Pharmaceutical Science, Southwest University, Chongqing, 400716, China; Institute of Disease Control and Prevention, Academy of Military Medical Science, Beijing, 100071, China
Jie Xu
School of Public Health, Research Center for Genomic Medicine, Jilin University; Institute of Disease Control and Prevention, Academy of Military Medical Science, Beijing, 100071, China


Brucellosis caused by Brucella spp. is a common zoonosis in many parts of the world. Humans are infected through contact with infected animals or their dirty products. Many mechanisms are needed for this successful infection, although the mechanisms are still unclear. Host immune response and some signaling molecules play an important role in the infection event. Bacterial pathogens operate by attacking crucial intracellular pathways or some important molecules in each of these pathways for survival in their hosts. The crucial components (molecules) of immunity or pathway play a critical role in the whole process of Brucella infection. Here we summarize the findings of the Brucella−host interactions' immune system and signaling molecular cascades involved in the TLR-initiated immune response to Brucella spp. infection. The paper serves to deepen our understanding of this complex process and to provide some clues regarding the discovery of drug targets for prevention and control.

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