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Fuel Circulation and Segregation in FBC

H. A. Masson
University of Brussels,Institute of Applied Mechanics, CP 165, F.D. Roosevelt Avenue 50, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


  • Scope
    • This chapter deals mainly with the choice of the granulometric dispersion of the solid fuel and of the bed material of a fluid bed combustor.
      It must be considered as a structurated synthesis of the most significant features explained separately and in detail previously. As theoretical predictions or extrapolations are rather difficult from one bed size to another and even more from a kind of fuel to another one, experimental techniques would be described that allow the determination of the needed parameters for heat and mass balance calculations, for including in a mathematical model or for setting of the parameters of a control loop.
      Special emphasis would be given to demixing (segregation) of the fuel elements from the main bed material and to elutriation. As solid mixing is mainly affected by bubble flow through the bed, a discussion of bubble detection and properties under hot conditions would be included as a starting point to this chapter.

  • Bubbles Properties and Detection under Hot Conditions
  • Solid Mixing
  • Fuel Segregation
  • Elutriation
  • Granulometry of the Inert Material
  • Granulometry of the Fuel

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