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Gilles Desrayaud
Laboratoire MSNPT, INSSET, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, 48 rue Raspail BP 422, 02100, Saint-Quentin, FRANCE

Alberto Fichera
Istituto di Fisica Tecnica Università di Catania 95125 Catania Italy


Numerical investigations were performed to examine heat transfer for the laminar natural convection flows in a vertical open-ended channel with symmetric obstructions. The main purpose was to investigate the effects of the reduction of the sectional area between the adiabatic obstructions. The computations were conducted in a two-dimensional domain and a symmetric uniform wall temperature was taken as thermal boundary condition. The variation of the average Nusselt number versus the channel Rayleigh number, temperature and flow fields were studied for three different aspect ratios (A = 5, 8, 12). The results demonstrated that the average Nusselt number decreases as the sectional area between the obstructions decreases while obstructed channels of different aspect ratios present very closed average Nusselt number versus the channel Rayleigh number. Finally, a correlation is proposed similar to that of smooth channel but using a modified channel Rayleigh number taking into account the channel cross-section open to the flow.

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