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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2004.RAD-4.200
page 10

J.-F. Ripoll
Center for Turbulence Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 488 Escondido, Building 500/500A, Stanford University, CA 94305-3035, USA

A. A. Wray
Center for Turbulence Research NASA Ames Research Center


In order to close macroscopic radiation models, a model for the radiative pressure is usually needed. We herein investigate the accuracy of four models of radiative pressure, the P1, M1, M11/2 and M1+ pressure models, where the last two are very new [1, 2]. Through three numerical problems, it will be shown that the M11/2 and M1+ models constitute an improvement in their domain of applicability compared to both the P1 and M1 models, particularly when the radiation field contains fluxes going in more than one main direction. The tests on the pressure models are performed using a RTE ray tracing solver. By this method, one can determine whether moment models can be used on any given problem or not, without having to perform their implementations.

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