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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1992.IntForumExpSysCompSimEE.480
pages 13.4.1-13.4.4

P. Brezillon
C.N.R.S. - LAFORIA, Box 169, University of PARIS VI, 4 Place Jussieu F-75252 PARIS Cedex 05, France

P. Fauquembergue
EDF-DER Service Etude de Réseaux, Dpt FORCAM 1, Av. du Général de Gaulle F-92405 CLAMART Cedex, France


We have developed a diagnoser for Electricité de France (EDF). That Knowledge-Based System (KBS) called SEPT can solve one of most crucial problems of EDF, namely the rapid processing of complex analyses for the repair and maintenance of equipment in substations when a fault occurs in the French power transmission network. The diagnoser has been successfully used to check for different kinds of fault and various substation topologies. But since incidents are rare in the France network, it was impossible to only validate and check the diagnoser on the basis of real incidents. Thus, we have developed a simulator for generating "theoretical" incidents for verifying and validating more completely the diagnoser. Facing with the problem to deal with different tasks in a KBS, we have studied in a research version of SEPT the consistency of the knowledge pieces in both diagnoser and simulator. Indeed, the simple coupling of diagnoser and simulator in a KBS introduce a redundancy of knowledge pieces which are represented. This leads us to develop an architecture of our KBS where two classes of knowledge, domain and task knowledge, are clearly separated. We discuss in this paper on that architecture which, at a symbol level, permits to avoid the redundancy in the knowledge representation and maintenance and evolution problems linked to redundancy, and which, at a upper level, permits to share domain knowledge between various tasks.

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