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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2000.TherSieProcVol2.430
120 pages

Bharat B. Gulyani
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Roorkee, Roorkee 247667 India

Anuj Jain
Department of Applied Mechanics, M.N.Regional Engineering College, Allahabad-211004 India


Customarily, the LMTD correction factor, FT, is alternative designs for a heat exchanger. Design with unacceptably low FT values are discarded. In this paper, authors have proposed a more fundamental criterion, based on temperature cross, to design multipass exchangers. The paper presents three distinct methods — the transformed FT plots, the modified FT-R-S charts incorporating the effect of temperature cross on FT using a dimensionless parameter, G, and the linear FT equations for multipass exchangers. The proposed FT plots and correlations emphasize the need to use the temperature cross as a design criterion. A simple equation in terms of G is also presented to estimate number of shells. An innovative graphical procedure based on this equation is also described. The proposed methods have been explained by solving example problems, and their superiority over conventional methods has been established.

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