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Materials and manufacturing

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2004.CHT-04.580
page 20

E. Soler
E.T.S. Ingenieros en Informática. Universidad de Málaga, Málaga, Spain

Juan I. Ramos
Escuela de Ingenierias Industriales, Universidad de Malaga, Dr. Ortiz Ramos, s/n 29071 Malaga, Spain


The thermal degradation of two-dimensional isotropic, orthotropic and anisotropic polymeric materials is studied numerically by means of a second-order accurate (in both space and time) linearly implicit finite difference formulation which results in linear algebraic equations at each time step. It is shown that, for both isotropic and orthotropic composites, the mass diffusion tensor plays a role in initiating the polymerization kinetics, the formation of a polymerization kernel and the initial front propagation, whereas the later stages of the polymerization are nearly independent of the mass diffusion tensor. In anisotropic polymeric composites, it has been found that the mass diffusion tensor plays a paramount role in determining the initial stages of the polymerization and the subsequent propagation of the polymerization front, the direction and speed of propagation of which are found to be related to the principal directions of both the mass and the heat diffusion tensors. It is also shown that the polymerization time and temperatures depend strongly on the anisotropy of the mass and diffusion tensors.

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