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The unsteady turbulent wake measurements behind an oscillating airfoil

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.TurbulHeatMassTransf.2500
page 9

H. Sadeghi
Department of Aerospace Engineering, “Amirkabir” University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

M. Mani
Department of Aerospace Engineering, "Amirkabir" University of Technology and Aerospace Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


In the present work, the results of an experimental investigation of the characteristics of the unsteady turbulent wake behind an oscillating airfoil are reported. The velocity field in the wake has been measured by hot-wire anemometry. The airfoil was given the pitching motion about the half chord axis at reduced frequency of 0.091. The oscillation amplitude was set at 8°, and the mean incidence angles were varied from 2.5° to 10°. The hysteresis of the flow between increasing and decreasing incidence is captured. The results show that the wake has different turbulent structures in upper, lower and center parts of the wake. It is found that the mean incidence angle has an important influence on the turbulent velocity profiles. When the maximum dynamic angle of attack is quite beyond the static stall angle of attack, a huge variation on the wake is found. It is concluded that this is due to dynamic stall phenomenon.

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