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Magnetic effects on the boundary layer features around a body

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.TurbulHeatMassTransf.610
8 pages

Z. Aouachria
Laboratoire de Physique Énergétique Appliquée Université Hadj Lakhmide Faculté des Sciences, Batna, Algérie

M. Douak
Laboratory of Applied Energetic Physics (L.A.E.P.), University of Batna ALGERIA


This work presents an analysis of a boundary layer magneto hydrodynamics developing on the wall of a cylindrical body. The simulation of the flow was carrying out, by a suitable change of variables making it possible to remove the existing singularity at the origin of the boundary layer and to normalize the co-ordinates perpendicular to the wall, in a rectangular field of integration. The study carries out clearly the influence of the Reynolds numbers and the interaction magnetic parameter on the boundary layer and its characteristic parameters and makes, in evidence, their effects on the separate flow, thermal and hydrodynamic profiles.

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