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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.1230
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A. Mehdizadeh
Engineering School; Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Mahmood A. Yaghoubi
School of Mechanical Engineering, Shiraz University, P. O. Box 71348-51154, Shiraz, Iran; Academy of Science, I.R. Iran


Vaulted or domed roofs have been frequently adopted by builders and architects throughout the Middle East and other hot dry areas. However, thermal performance of such buildings under hot dry climatic conditions has rarely been quantitatively studied. In this paper, thermal behavior of series of vaulted and flat roofs is illustrated for various conditions.
Attempt is made to evaluate thermal performance for various buildings with one, two and three rooms. Transient simulation is made numerically based on turbulent forced convection over the roof, when the wind approaches with boundary layer profile and solar irradiation takes place simultaneously over the roof. Turbulence is modeled by the Realizable k-ε scheme and solar radiation distribution over the roof is determined based on a specific model applicable to all regions of Iran. Governing equations of fluid and energy are solved employing finite volume approach together with SIMPLE algorithm for pressure corrections.
Results are in the form of pressure distribution over the roofs and temperature distribution under and over the roofs; recirculation length after rooms; velocity vector field; flow path lines and convective heat transfer coefficient along the roofs during the day for both flat and vaulted roofs. Heat transfer rate to the buildings for non air-conditioning condition is also determined for various times of a day.

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