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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.750
page 14

Djamel Omeiri
LRPCSI, University of Skikda, Route d'El Hadaik, BP 26 Skikda 21000 ALGERIA

Djamel Essolh Djafri
Département de Physique, University of Annaba, B.P. 12 El Hadjar Annaba 23200 ALGERIA

Ahcene Nouar
LRPCSI, University of Skikda, Route d'El Hadaik, BP 26 Skikda 21000 ALGERIA


Transport coefficients for polyatomic gases mixtures in weak vibrational nonequilibrium derived from Chapman-Enskog method are evaluated for VSS (Variable Soft Sphere) potentials models. These coefficients are also evaluated from numerical simulation using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. The viscosity and the thermal conductivity coefficients are obtained from simulation of a uniform shear flow. The diffusion coefficient in binary gas mixture is obtained through a simulation of a gas at uniform pressure and temperature, but with an imposed concentration gradient in one direction. Finally, thermal diffusion coefficient is evaluated from a simulation in binary mixture at uniform pressure, but with imposed temperature gradient in one direction. The effect of Knudsen number and temperature on the behaviour of the transport properties is also examined. A comparison of the DSMC results and those obtained from Chapman-Enskog theory is also made.

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