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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.1270
page 19

Omar Hami
Laboratory of energy in arid areas (ENERGARID), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of BECHAR, BP 417, 08000 BECHAR

Belkacem Draoui
Laboratory of energy in arid areas (ENERGARID), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of BECHAR, BP 417, 08000 BECHAR

B. Mebarki
Centre Universitaire de Béchar BP : 417 Bechar (08000) ALGERIE

L. Rahmani
Centre Universitaire de Béchar BP : 417 Bechar (08000) ALGERIE

M. Bouanini
Centre Universitaire de Béchar BP : 417 Bechar (08000) ALGERIE


A large number of chemicals, biochemical or petrochemical industry operations that are performed in stirred tanks or in mechanically agitated vessels Hiraoka et al. [1978], Pedrosa et al. [2000], Nagata [1975] and Hami [1997]. The optimum operating mode of these equipments requires a detailed knowledge of the thermo-hydrodynamic behaviour induced by the agitator. In this present work the characterization of the laminar viscous fluid flow fields and heat transfer in a cylindrical stirred tank agitated by inclined blades anchor agitator was studied. The computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model based on an implicit fractional step scheme and control volume method Chorin [1968] and Despotis [1995] was developed for the spatial discretization of the Navier-Stokes and energy equations, formulated in cartesian coordinates primitives variables (u, v, p, T) on unstructured triangular mesh. Some simulations of the flow around an anchor with straights blades allowed validating the used method. We have analyzed the influence of the tilt blades degree on the thermo-hydrodynamic flow behaviours, such as the stream function, the velocity field, the velocities components, temperature field, the power consumption and Nusselt number. The comparison between some of the obtained results with literature data Bertrand [1983] and Marouche [2002], showed a satisfactory agreement.

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