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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.690
page 17

Magali Zabiego
CEA-Cadarache, DTN/STRI/LMA, Bâtiment 708, BP1, 13108 Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance cedex, France


The present paper describes the adaptation of a radiative heat transfer model to a plate-fuel reactor core in the aim of calculating a severe accident sequence in this type of reactor. During such an accident, the reactor core temperatures can reach values greater than 2500K and it is of major interest to accurately evaluate the radiative heat transfers. To do so, a model has previously been proposed for "classic" Pressurized Water Reactors in which the fuel rods are represented by cylinders, Zabiégo [2006]. The present study explains the modifications introduced in this model to use it in a plate-fuel configuration. The main modelling idea is to consider the reactor core as an optically thick porous medium and to use the diffusion approximation to treat the radiation propagation. An equivalent reactor core conductivity, depending on the medium geometry, is determined. In this paper, after recalling the main lines of the original modelling (based upon the cylindrical geometry of the fuel rods), we show how we modified the calculation of the equivalent conductivity in order to consider plate-fuel. Then, on the basis of a simplified degradation sequence, we perform a comparative study between the cylindrical approach and the plate approach. This analysis allows us to demonstrate that the main trends are respected for the variable of interest and that the radiative heat transfers can still be smoothly calculated even when the plate-fuel core undergoes drastic geometrical variations.

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