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Nikolai Kornev
Chair of Modeling and Simulation, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology, University of Rostock, Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 18055 Rostock, Germany

Igor Tkatchenko
Department of Technical Thermodynamics, University of Rostock Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 18059 Rostock, Germany

Valery L. Zhdanov
Department of Technical Thermodynamics, Rostock University, A. Einstein Str. 2, Rostock, 18059, Germany

Egon Hassel
Institute for Technical Thermodynamics Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology University of Rostock Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, D-18059 Rostock, Germany

Steffen Jahnke
Department of Fluid Mechanics, University of Rostock Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 18059 Rostock, Germany


Flow phenomena in a coaxial jet mixer are studied using numerical (LES) and experimental (LIF) methods. Measurements of distributions of a passive scalar (Rhodamin 6G) in mixer cross-sect ions at different distances from the nozzle have been carried out by Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) method. Distributions of the time averaged mixture fraction and its auto corellation functions across the mixer sections are presented. Calculations have been done with Large Eddy Simulation using an inflow generator and a clipping procedure proposed by the authors. The vortex structures are identified from the analysis based on the λ2 criterion. Results for time averaged mixture fraction are compared with numerical results obtained by several LES and RANS models for the flow regime with the recirculation zone. The analysis revealed advantages of the dynamical mixed SGS model (DMM) compared with other models. Influence of different parameters of the flow on mixing is investigated.