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Yongmann M. Chung
School of Engineering and Centre for Scientific Computing University of Warwick Coventry CV4 7AL, UK

Kai H. Luo
Department of Engineering, Queen Mary College Mile End Road, London El 4NS, United Kingdom

Neil D. Sandham
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Group Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK

John J. R. Williams
School of Engineering and Materials science, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, United Kingdom


Numerical simulations of unsteady heat transfer of an impinging jet are performed. The correlation between the flow structure and the impingement heat transfer is examined. It was found that the local heat transfer was very unsteady in nature and correlated closely with the flow structure. Detailed analysis of the instantaneous flow field and the heat transfer characteristics shows that strong unsteadiness of the impingement heat transfer is mainly caused by the primary vortices emanating from the nozzle of the jet. Unsteady separation caused by the primary vortices also plays an important role in the unsteady impingement heat transfer.