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Experimental and numerical heat transfer enhancement in a channel flow

Maciej Wierzbowski
Department of Heat Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, Narutowicza 11/12, Gdansk, Poland


Thermochormic liquid crystals (TLC) and true-colour image processing have been successfully used in non-intrusive technical, industrial and biomedical studies and applications. The principal methods are described with examples from literature and own experience. In these paper authors would like to present laboratory rig, 2D temperature and heat transfer surface distribution, hydraulic performance and numerical calculation in some comprehensive studies using liquid crystal thermography. During recent years lot of works were driven in channels aiming an enhancement of heat transfer across plates with solid obstacles, vortex generators and also corrugated - undulated surfaces. Experimental works covered different configurations of channel with rectangular cross-section using both stationary and transient method obtaining good accuracy and reproducibility. True-colour image processing of liquid crystal patterns makes available quantitative, full-field information about the distribution of temperature and heat transfer coefficient.

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