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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1988.20thAHT.210
pages 273-274

Franz Durst
FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH, Am Weichselgarten 34, 91058 Erlangen, Germany


From the 4th to the 9th September 1978, a seminar of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer was held in Dubrovnik, concentrating on Two-Phase Flow Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer in Engineering Systems. The seminar provided a platform for presentations of the results of research work from laboratories all over the world. One hundred fifty participants from 18 countries took part in the meeting to present and listen to presentations on the following subjects:

    - Two-Phase Flow Fundamentals
    - Two-Phase Flows of Rigid and Deformable Particles
    - Non-Equilibrium Phenomena
    - Interface Transport in Liquid Films
    - Numerical Studies of Two-Phase Flows
    - Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Power Generator
    - Mist Flows, Sprays and Dispersed Bubble Flows
    - Two-Phase Flows and Reactor Safety
    - Isothermal Two-Phase Flows in Chemical Systems
    - Heat and Mass Transfer in Two-Phase Flow Chemical Systems

Selected papers given at the meeting were published in past conference proceedings presenting a lasting contribution to the subject of the symposium. The above given subtitles of the proceedings characterize the grouping of the papers each being introduced by an introductory article by a well known scientist in the field of two-phase flow momentum heat and mass transfer. The introductory and review papers were followed by new contributions to the subject and demonstrate the state-of-the art at the time of the meeting.

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