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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1988.20thAHT.90
137 pages

Ernst U. Schlunder
Lehrstuhl und Institut fur Thermische Verfahrenstechnik der Universitat Karlsruhe, D 75 Karlsruhe 1, Kaiserstrasse 12 FR of Germany


The 1972 International Seminar on "Recent Developments in Heat Exchangers", held at Trogir, Yugoslavia, covered almost all the espects of heat exchanger design and operation. This may be elucidated by summarising the topics of the various sessions:

    A Heat Exchangers - Research and Development
    B Heat Exchanger Design
    C Heat Exchanger Elements
    D Heat Exchanger Systems
    E Transient Behaviour
    F Regenerators
    G Heat Exchangers Under Extreme Conditions
    H Heat Exchangers with Two-Phase Systems
    I Heat Exchangers with Two-Phase Systems and General Topics
    J Packed Beds
    K Heat Exchangers with Direct Contact
    L New Concepts in Heat Exchangers
More than 50 papers were presented, reflecting the status of knowledge and technology at the time with comments on solved and unsolved problems. Thus future trends in research and development were stimulated, especially, in the areas of fluid flow and heat transfer within heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers, packed and fluid bed equipment and regenerators. At the end of the seminar it was felt, that there was an urgent need for something like a 'Heat Exchanger Design Handbook" offering a screened collection of recommended equations and design methods to the practicing engineer in the industry. An editorial board was formed and 12 years later a seven volume set was brought on the market. The editorial board is still working on supplements tote added to the core edition year by year thus keeping this standard source book up to date.

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