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TsAGI Science Journal

ISSN Imprimir: 1948-2590
ISSN En Línea: 1948-2604

TsAGI Science Journal

DOI: 10.1615/TsAGISciJ.2014012528
pages 599-617


Yury Ioasafovich Lobanovsky
Irkut Corporation, Leningradskii Prospekt, 68, Moscow, 125315 Russia


An interference concept of aerodynamic design of hypersonic flying vehicles is presented, which makes it possible to develop some new configurations for efficient hypersonic flight. Wind tunnel tests of configurations designed on the basis of these principles with a volume coefficient typical for vehicles operating on a cryogenic fuel are performed at Mach numbers M = 7−10 and Reynolds numbers of the order of several million and provide the maximum lift-to-drag ratio (L/D)max = 5.7−5.6, which is 10−30% higher than that of currently available aerodynamic configurations. In contrast to known configurations, the lift-to-drag ratio of the new configurations does not decrease with increasing Mach number. At M > 7 and full-scale Reynolds numbers, the lift-to-drag ratio of such configurations in cruising flight can reach (L/D)max ≈ 7. The aerodynamic characteristics of the proposed configurations at low and moderate supersonic speeds are similar to those of typical combinations of a body with a low-aspect-ratio wing.