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Plasma Medicine
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ISSN Imprimir: 1947-5764
ISSN En Línea: 1947-5772

Plasma Medicine

DOI: 10.1615/PlasmaMed.2018024524
pages 147-154

Utilization of Reactive Oxygen Species Generated by Electric Discharge in Biomedical Engineering

Anna Vodickova
Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Natural Sciences, Kladno, Czech Republic
J. Schmiedberger
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics, Prague, Czech Republic


The discharge singlet oxygen generator-6 (DSOG-6) is a device generating reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (including singlet oxygen, ozone, atomic oxygen, NOx) by a hybrid RF/DC electric discharge. These reactive species are often used in biomedicine. In this study, reactions of selected cell cultures (B16, HT29, and HaCat) with DSOG-6-generated particles were observed and analyzed. Cell cultures were exposed to singlet oxygen or reactive oxygen species generated by a hybrid electric discharge for different time periods. After the exposure, a microscopic analysis of the cytomorphology of cells was performed. Furthermore, cell proliferation of the B16 cell line was investigated by the xCELLigence System (Acea Biosciences Inc., San Diego, CA). Finally, preliminary results of qPCR from B16 exposed to singlet oxygen are presented. The main goal of this study was to evaluate if singlet oxygen/reactive oxygen species generated by DSOG-6 could be used in biomedical application (concretely in oncology and dermatology) and if DSOG-6 could become a new biomedical device. The secondary aim was to observe the dependence of cell lines' behavior on exposure parameters (e.g., time intervals and particles in discharge).

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