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International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology
SJR: 0.116

ISSN Imprimir: 2155-014X
ISSN En Línea: 2155-0158

Archives: Volume 1, 2010 to Volume 9, 2018

International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology

DOI: 10.1615/IntJPhysPathophys.v4.i1.50
pages 37-42

Functional State of the Kidneys in Patients with Oncologic Diseases after Cisplatin Chemotherapy

Anatoliy I. Gozhenko
Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine, Odessa, Ukraine
Aleksandr M. Moskalenko
Odessa Region Oncological Center, Ukraine
Victor N. Sirman
Center of transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Aleksandra A. Zhizhnevskaya
Ukrainian scientific Institute of medicine of Transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Svetlana A. Storozhenko
Odessa Region Oncological Center, Ukraine


In a study of the renal function under cisplatin chemotherapy in oncologic patients, nephrotoxicity of the drug has been confirmed. It was found that diuresis and creatinine excretion, sodium, potassium, osmotically active substances and chlorides increased more than twice in 24 h after a dose of 50 mg/m2 of the body surface, which constitutes a disorder in osmolarity, volume and ionic regulation of the renal function. The determined features are the result of a damage to the kidneys, which is confirmed by an increase in erythro-and leucocyteuria. It has been shown that a disorder in the homeostatic renal function is due to renal tubular damage against an increase in glomerular filtration rate. Renal protection during cisplatin chemotherapy throughout the course of the treatment has been proved to be necessary.

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