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Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer
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ISSN Imprimir: 2169-2785
ISSN En Línea: 2167-857X

Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer

DOI: 10.1615/InterfacPhenomHeatTransfer.2019031147
pages 255-268


Alexey A. Alabuzhev
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS, Perm, Russia, 614013 or Perm StateUniversity, Perm, Russia, 614990


We consider the oscillations of an oblate gas bubble in the vibrational field with the emphasis placed on the interplay between the bubble compressibility and the contact line motion. The bubble is surrounded by an incompressible fluid and is bounded in the axial direction by two parallel solid surfaces. The velocity of the contact line is assumed to be proportional to the deviation of the contact angle from the equilibrium value. The proportionality coefficients (Hocking parameter) are different for each plate. The frequencies and damping rates of the bubble eigenmodes are studied as a function of the problem parameters. The frequency of the volume (breathing) mode of free oscillations can vanish in a certain interval of the values of the Hocking parameter. This frequency significantly depends on the gas pressure, giving rise to double response: when the external frequency is close to the eigenfrequencies of both the volume and shape modes and when the unlimited growth of the amplitude occurs irrespective of the Hocking parameter. The radial pulsations become small with increase in the gas pressure and the bubble behavior is consistent with the dynamics of an incompressible drop. Different Hocking parameters determine different damping rates, but dissipation in the whole system is determined by their total contribution.


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