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International Journal on Algae
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ISSN Imprimir: 1521-9429
ISSN En Línea: 1940-4328

International Journal on Algae

DOI: 10.1615/InterJAlgae.v17.i2.30
pages 143-148

Gymnodinium feofanium Krachm. sp. nov. (Dinophyta, Dinoflagellata)

A. F. Krakhmalnyi
Institute for Evolutionary Ecology, NAS of Ukraine, 37 Acad. Lebedeva Str., Kiev 03143, Ukraine


The description and pictures of Gymnodinium feofanium Krachm. sp. nov. from the pond in Feofania Park (Kiev, Ukraine) are given. Cells rounded, asymmetrical, 18.0−29.0 µm x 15.7−34.9 µm; epicone and hypocone equal. Epicone hemispherical, slightly tilted to the left side, hypocone cup-shaped. Cingulum medial, wide, deep, descending (offset 0.5-1.0), at the intersection of cingulum and sulcus epicone forms protrusion strongly drawn to hypocone. Sulcus wide, V-shaped, located only on hypocone, reaches antapex. Nucleus large, usually located in the center. Chloroplasts numerous, fulvous, located at the periphery of the cell. Stigma red colored, in the back of the hypocone near the sulcus. Small translucent vacuoles are present in the cytoplasm.

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