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International Journal on Algae
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ISSN Imprimir: 1521-9429
ISSN En Línea: 1940-4328

International Journal on Algae

DOI: 10.1615/InterJAlgae.v16.i3.60
pages 263-270

Comparison of Water Bloom and Fire on the Phytoplankton−Macrophytes Algal System

G. G. Minicheva
Institute of Marine Biology, NAS Ukraine 37, Pushkinskaya St., 65011 Odessa, Ukraine
A. B. Zotov
Institute of Marine Biology, NAS of Ukraine, 37 Pushkinskaya St., Odessa 65011, Ukraine
E. S. Kalashnik
Institute of Marine Biology, NAS of Ukraine, 7 Pushkinskaya St., Odessa 65011, Ukraine


Morphofunctional responses of phytoplankton−macrophytes algal systems of the northwestern part of the Black Sea to climate anomalies in 2010 are regarded as an illustration of analogy of the blooms’ mechanisms in water and flames in terrestrial ecosystems. An ecological point of similarities in these phenomena is the rapid transformation of excess organic matter accumulated in the ecosystem to mineral forms. Successive changes in the vegetation component of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, due to the transition from species with r− to species with k−strategy, after water bloom and fire, have directly the opposite direction. It is concluded that fires and water blooms are similar phenomena in mechanisms of restoring the ecological health to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that have excessive organic matter.

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