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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1995.RadTransfProcHeatMassTransfSevNuclReactAcc.220

G. Heusener
Forschungszentram Karlsrohe

H. Weisshaupl
Siemens AGKWU

H. Plank
Siemens AGKWU


Although the defense-in-depth concept of safety in commercial nuclear power plants has led to a very high safety standard, for fixture nuclear reactors in addition to measures for the prevention of severe accidents also measures in the design are foreseen to cope with coremelt accidents, For the European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) following measures are planned to guarantee the integrity of the containment in case of coremelt accidents:
- high reliable depressurization of the reactor coolant system to at least 20 bar at RPV-failure,
- limitation of H2-concentration by catalytic recombiners and selectively arranged igniters,
- stabilization of the coremelt within the containment by spreading and flooding with water,
- long-term heat removal from the containment by a dedicated spray system.
To show the adequacy and feasibility of these new features quite a lot of R&D work has to be relied on and still to be performed. For this reason research and development cooperations have recently been intensified. The German Research Center Karlsruhe (FZK) and the French research institutions of the CEA are working closely together with the industry to proof and demonstrate the adequacy of chosen design measures. More generic investigations, which are necessary and helpful in understanding , calculating and verifying the phenomena involved, are sponsored by the federal government and will be performed by different institutes and universities. Within a greater frame parties from the European Countries have found together within the nuclear fission safety programmes of the European Commission to reach a common understanding and to find solutions to open questions.

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