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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1992.IntForumExpSysCompSimEE.530
pages 15.1.1-15.1.6

Zita A. Vale
Engineering Faculty, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rua dos Bragas, 4099 Porto Codex, PORTUGAL

A. Machado e Moura
Engineering Faculty, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rua dos Bragas, 4099 Porto Codex, PORTUGAL


Control Centers are responsible for the supervision, monitoring and control of Power Systems. When the Power System is in a normal state, the information that arrives at Control Centers allows them to perform efficiently their functions.
However, in case of an emergency, the quantity of information that arrives in a short period of time is so great that human operators are not able to rapidly understand what is going on.
In this paper we present an Expert System that interprets the message lists received at Portuguese Control Centers. It deals with temporal reasoning and real-time constraints. An explanation module allows its use as a tutor for novice operators.

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