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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2000.TherSieProcVol2TherSieProcVol1.270
pages 201-204

Mirela Olteanu
Radioactive Waste Treatment Department, Institute for Nuclear Research, PO Box 78, Pitesti, 0300, Romania

Aurelia Popa
Radioactive Waste Treatment Department, Institute for Nuclear Research, PO Box 78, Pitesti, 0300, Romania

Crina Bucur
Radioactive Waste Treatment Department, Institute for Nuclear Research, PO Box 78, Pitesti, 0300, Romania


At the base of establishing criteria's selection of a host site for final repository of low and intermediate radioactive waste is the study of two major components, the radioactivity diffusion in disposal site and the affecting degree of environment. The hydrological characteristics of formation are the main factors that control radionuclides moving (migration), because, in general, the water is the natural way for dissolving and transport of these in environment. In interaction the water, with environment, the water is present like a dynamic and complex system, which contents dissolved or suspension of mineral and organic substance. Knowing the water-soil system interaction mechanism, the physical-chemical characteristics of each component in this system can be estimating the mobility in time of radionuclides, from the repository in environment. In migration, the main problem is determination of transport rate of radionuclides and the necessary time that these reach in environment when these aren't a potential risk for environment.

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