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Yasong Sun
Beijing Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer for Low Grade Energy, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China; Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 08854, United States

Ben-Wen Li
Key Laboratory of Ocean Energy Utilization and Energy Conservation of Ministry of Education, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, 116024, China


In this work, a collocation spectral method (CSM) based on body-fitted coordinates (BFC) is employed to simulate thermal radiation heat transfer problems in 2D and 3D irregular geometries. Due to the exponential convergence of the CSM, a very high accuracy can be obtained even using a small number of grid points. This numerical method simultaneously makes use of the merits of both the CSM and BFC. In the numerical approach, the discrete ordinates form of radiative transfer equation (RTE) in orthogonal Cartesian coordinates is transformed into an equation written in general body-fitted coordinates. In order to test the efficiency of the method, several 2D and 3D complex irregular enclosures with curved boundaries are examined including a 2D quadrilateral enclosure, 3D hexahedral enclosure, and 3D elliptical enclosure in which absorbing, emitting and scattering media may be present. The accuracy of the results obtained by the CSM are assessed by comparing the them with those in literature. These comparisons indicate that the CSM based on BFC can be recommended as a good option for solving thermal radiation heat transfer problems in irregular geometries.

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