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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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ISSN En ligne: 1943-6009

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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v69.i2.70
pages 153-167

Methods for Assessing the Threshold Value of Jamming Energy of Electronic Computer Aids by an Electromagnetic Pulse

V. A. Ivanov
Academy of the Russian Federal Security Service, Orel, Russian Federation
V. M. Kuprienko
Academy of the Russian Federal Security Service, Orel
A. A. Dvilyanskii
Academy of the Russian Federal Security Service, Orel
V. P. Tikhomirov
Academy of the Russian Federal Security Service, Orel
P. V. Popov
Academy of the Russian Federal Security Service, Orel


A methodological approach to assessing the threshold value of jamming energy of electronic computer aids for identification of protective measures against destructive impact of an electromagnetic pulse is discussed.


  1. Barsukov, V. S., Channels of Force Destructive Impact on Computer Systems.

  2. Ivanov, V. A. and Dvilyanskii, A. A., Substantiation of the need for protection of the local computer networks against ultrashort electromagnetic pulses with different spectral characteristics.

  3. Antipin, V. V., Godovitsyn, V. A., Gromov, D. V., Kozhevnikov, A. S., and Ravaev, A. A., Effects of powerful pulse microwave interference on semiconductor devices and integrated microcircuits.

  4. Goryachev, V. A. and Zakharov, S. M., Characteristics of electromagnetic noise in microprocessor communication lines.

  5. Myrova, L. O. and Chepizhenko, A. Z., Ensuring Communication Equipment Resistance to Ionizing and Electromagnetic Impacts.

  6. Ivanov, V. A. and Dvilyanskii, A. A., Method for calculation of an electric field, penetrating the metal screens of a computer under the impact of an electromagnetic pulse.

  7. Polinskii, A. V., Sosunov, B. V., and Timchuk, A. A., Calculation of Pulse Fields in the Zone of Irradiation of the Vertical Asymmetrical Vibrator.

  8. Markov, G. G., Petrov, B. M., and Grudinskaya, G. P., Electrodynamics and Propagation of Radio Waves.

  9. Apollonskii, S. M., Calculation of Electromagnetic Shielding.

  10. Ivanov, V. A. and Dvilyanskii, A. A., Substantiation of the criterion of the functional destruction of computers.

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