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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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ISSN Imprimer: 0040-2508
ISSN En ligne: 1943-6009

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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v78.i5.40
pages 419-427


G. Z. Khalimov
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 14 Nauka Ave, Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine
E. V. Kotukh
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 14 Nauka Ave, Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine
Yu. O. Serhiychuk
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 14 Nauka Ave, Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine
O. S. Marukhnenko
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 14 Nauka Ave, Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine


Implementations for cryptosystems of finite groups based on the logarithmic signature and covering are considered. A logarithmic signature is exemplified by a permutation group with the asymmetry of encryption and decryption algorithms. Decryption of the improved cryptosystem MST3 in Suzuki 2-group with the order of the group q2 is given. The Suzuki 2-group use has a significant advantage in implementation, due to the large center and simple group operation. Cost estimates for encryption, decryption and comparison with the RSA algorithm are obtained.


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