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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences
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ISSN En ligne: 2163-9337

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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences

DOI: 10.1615/JAutomatInfScien.v48.i9.60
pages 75-83

Problems Features of the Robust Control of Process Plants. Part I. Process Plants and their Mathematical Models

Anatoliy P. Ladanyuk
National University of Food Technologies, Kiev
Natalya N. Lutskaya
National University of Food Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine


The process plants are considered in the context of designing robust control systems. By the example of the multibody evaporator of a sugar mill it is shown that the heat transfer coefficient affects not only the heat mode of the process, but also the effectiveness of the whole control system. Here the peculiarities of heat transfer are taken into account, which leads to the need of maintaining the liquid levels in the evaporator at optimal values, which is realized by the robust stabilization system.


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