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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN En ligne: 1943-5991

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Hydrobiological Journal

DOI: 10.1615/HydrobJ.v55.i4.10
pages 3-15

Structure of Dominance/Diversity of Benthic Macroinveretebrate Communities in the Carpathian Rivers

S. A. Afanasyev
Institute of Hydrobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Ye. N. Lietytska
Institute of Hydrobiology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine


The paper presents results of studies of the macroinvertebrates communities' structure in the Carpathian mountainous rivers. In different rivers the communities of different types and peculiar structure are formed, and dominant complexes also were different. In the gradient of the rivers' elevation and size, the shape of the dominance/diversity curves gradually changes. For the large rivers on the foothills the curves close to type A are character, and the curves in small rivers in the highlands can be conditionally assigned to B type, whereas in other rivers the shape of the type C is character.


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