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Experimental Investigations of Heat Transfer in a Gas-Filled Rotating Annulus

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1994.IntSympHetatTransTurb.150
pages 197-208

Dieter Bohn
Institute of Steam and Gas Turbines, Aachen University of Technology, Aachen

V. Gorzelitz
Institute of Steam and Gas Turbines, Technical University Aachen, Germany


Measurements have been made to analyze the convective heat transfer in a closed annulus rotating around its horizontal axis. The cavity is made up of two rotor discs with their plane surfaces facing each other, and with an electrically heated cylindrical ring centred in between at the outer radius. The rotor shaft is water cooled and represents the inner heat absorbing wall of the annulus. The two inner lateral surfaces of the cavity are thermally insulated. The experimental setup is designed for a pure centripetal heat flux to be established inside the cavity.
The experimental investigations have been carried out varying the Rayleigh number and the Reynolds number, based on the rotational speed, in a range usually encountered in the gas filled cavities of gas turbine rotors (1007 < Ra < 1012, 1004 < Re < 1007) . The induced convective heat flux was found to be about a hundred times larger compared to the only conductive heat flux when no fluid motion is present.

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