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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.CONV.830
10 pages

Romdhane Ben Slama
Laboratoire d’Analyse des Procédés ENIG Gabes, Tunisia

Fethi Mechlouch
Laboratoire de Thermodynamique Appliquée ENIG Gabes, Tunisia

Houcine Ben Daoud
ISET de Sfax, Tunisia


Solar drier does not degrade any more the dried products with the manner of the products dried at the natural sun. The drying unit is composed mainly of a solar air collector and an enclosure of drying. The transformation of the solar radiation into heat is done thanks to the solar collector whose effectiveness is increased by the addition of suitable baffles in the mobile air vein. The efficiency of the collector reaches then 80. The hot air on the outlet side of the collector arrives in the enclosure of drying where the heat transfer with the product to be dried is done by convection. The kinetics drying study shows that in addition to the dependence of the temperature and air velocity of drying, the speed of drying also depends on fragmentation on the product to dry, and mainly, of the product surface in contact with the drying air. Thus, the hygrometry is reduced from 76 to 13 % in one day. The total efficiency of the drier reached 28 %.

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