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L. Fulcheri
Centre D'Energetique, Ecole Des Mines De Paris; Rue Claude Daunesse, B. P. 207, F-06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

R. A. Attalage
Centre d'Energétique, ECOLE DES MINES DE PARIS, France


A method of obtaining reduced order models in thermal systems with transport is developed and presented considering a particular application, a heat emitter in hot water circulation. A "detailed" model is developed considering, two phases (liquid and metal). linearised heat transfer and the enthalpy transport of the fluid. From the initial "detailed" model, a reduced order state variable model ( ex: order three) is formed, adapting a model reduction technique developed in our laboratory which is especially based on the modal analysis. The inverse problem is then analysed and the parameters of the reduced order model (for the established form) is obtained by an identification method using simulated results of the "detailed" model. The results of the "detailed" and reduced models are then compared.

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