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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1996.TransientConvHeatTransf.410

Huseyin Vural
Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering, Ankara-Turkey

Mehmet Ali Ak
TUBITAK Defence Industries Research and Development Institute, Ankara-Turkey


A well designed solid propellant rocket motor has to have high propellant mass fraction (PMF) factor which is the ratio of propellant mass to the motor mass. High PMF factor can only be achieved by producing light motor case and nozzle assembly. One of the most deserving comment about the nozzle is that it is subjected to high heat transfer rates during the transient operation of the motor. Since the chamber pressure varies during the motor operation, the heat transfer rate also changes with time. In order to design safe, light weight nozzles, the local convective heat transfer coefficient which is known to be the major component of the heat transfer process must be determined precisely. In this study two different mathematical model for the evaluation of convective heat transfer coefficient in nozzles were investigated and an aerothermochemical graphite nozzle erosion model was also included into the analysis. The integral and differential form of boundary layer equations were solved in the throat convective heat transfer and throat erosion calculations. The integral energy equation was modified by including heterogeneous wall combustion. The motor operation pressure used in the transient heat transfer prediction simulation was obtained from a quasi-steady state motor performance code.

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