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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1997.IntSymLiqTwoPhaseFlowTranspPhenCHT.130
page 8

J-M Gatt
CEA-DRN-DER- Cadarache - France

L. Buffe
CEA, DRN/DER/SERA, CE Cadarache 13108 St Paul lez Durance, France

Claude Jegou
CEA-DRN-DER- Cadarache - France

Gerard Cognet
Laboratoire d'Energetique et de Mecanique Theorique et Applique, U.A. CNRS Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, NANCY, France


Within the framework of PWR severe accident studies, scenarios leading to partial or whole core melting are envisaged. In this case, a molten mixture, called «corium» may flow down towards the lower head and if there is no intervention, melt through the vessel and spread into the reactor pit.
To study the corium behaviour, we melt it in a transfered plasma arc furnace (VULCANO facility). In this paper we present the study of the furnace thermal behaviour which follows three levels of modelling: the complete modelling accounting for plasma arc radiation in the furnace cavity, the simplified modelling only in conduction and a very simplified modelling allowing real time calculations. The results of these modellings are compared with test results showing a satisfactory agreement.

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