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Acquisition Systems for Heat Transfer Measurement

Richard J. De Witt
Testing and Analysis Group, MS G780 Los Alamos National Laboratory P.O. Box 1663 Los Alamos, N.M. 87545, USA


Practical heat transfer data acquisition systems are normally characterized by the need for high-resolution, low-drift, low-speed recording devices. Analog devices such as strip chart or circular recorders and FM analog magnetic tape have excellent resolution and work well when data will be presented in temperature versus time format only and need not be processed further. Digital systems are more complex and require an understanding of the following components: digitizing devices, interface bus types, processor requirements, and software design.
This paper will discuss all the above components of analog and digital data acquisition, as they are used in current practice. Additional information on thermocouple system analysis will aid the user in developing accurate heat transfer Measuring systems.

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