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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.640
page 8

Rashad Aouf
School of Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Sydney,

Vojislav Ilic
School of Engineering, The University of Western Sydney, Australia 1797

Steve Hansen
School of Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Sydney, Australia 1797


One of the effective aggressive treatments of tumours is to elevate its temperature in a controlled manner giving rise to cell apoptosis and tissue necrosis. Hyperthermia has been used extensively in the past, but fell into disrepute owing to gross unwanted collateral effects that inevitably accompanied such a treatment. However, the advent of digital imaging and novel sources of heat and their improved control, has seen re-emergence of the hyperthermic treatment. The latest technology helped minimize such side effects. However, they were not completely eliminated. This review aims at providing an overview of the published literature with a particular focus on the current status of the hyperthermic treatment of tumours and the mathematical modeling of the heat transfer in tissues (bioheat transfer). This is considered to be the essential first step in an attempt to increase the effectiveness of the hyperthermic treatment of tumours.

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