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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.900
page 20

Mustafa Tutar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mersin University, 33343, Çiftlikköy, Mersin, Turkey

Ali Karakus
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mersin University, 33343, Çiftlikköy, Mersin, Turkey


The numerical study of high-viscous non-isothermal fluid flow is performed considering the effect of compressibility to simulate the three-dimensional (3-D) filling process of injection molding. The volume of fluid (VOF) element method coupled with an implicit finite volume approach is utilized for the numerical computations. The Pressure Implicit with Splitting Operators (PISO) pressure-velocity coupling algorithm is employed to enable higher degree of approximate relation between corrections for pressure and velocity, and a comprehensive high-resolution differencing scheme (CICSAM) is successfully adopted to capture the moving interface for the computations. The present numerical results are verified for a polypropylene (PPR) pipe fitting model in comparison with the results of a commercial CAE code and the data in open literature and the modeling constraints of the present computations are assessed in simulating compressible flow filing of 3-D injection molding for the optimization of designing of polymer pipe fittings. The numerical results demonstrate that the present developed numerical approach improves the accuracy of simulation predictions of 3-D mold filling process with the proposed numerical enhancements and can be used with a confidence in simulating real molding flow conditions, such as thickness change regions, corners and jetting.

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