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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.700
page 17

Abdelkrim Missoum
Laboratory of Energetique in Arid Zone ENERGARID, Bechar University, Algeria

Belkacem Draoui
Laboratory of energy in arid areas (ENERGARID), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of BECHAR, BP 417, 08000 BECHAR

A. Slimani
University Center of Bechar, Algeria


Rafik Belarbi
Laboratory LEPTIAB La Rochelle University, France


This paper presents the numerical modelling of an elementary urban space (street canyon, fig 1). The proposed models allow us to determine the thermal response of buildings and ambient air and then to simulate the microclimate generated by the urban system.
In summer period, the metro pole has confronted microclimates problems related to heat bloc urban phenomena. For example thermal stress, pollution and electrical consumption pick for conditioning climate. Infact, the urban climate is dependant on the geographic situation, the agglomeration and the regional meteorology. Thus air circulation and the temperatures distribution in the canyon streets has significant importance for the consumption of energy building.
The proposed model is based on numerical systems resolution of partial's derivatives equations, which describe the phenomena transfer quantity movement, energy and mass. Considering the turbulence and using computational fluid dynamic code, the object of this study is to define the air circulation simulation and the interaction urban microclimate in the case of Canyon Street situated in Bechar town (south Algeria). The results are presented by velocities and thermal distributions.

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