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Characteristics of turbulent flow in a T-junction

Jungwoo Kim
Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Jin-Su Kim
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Daejeon, 305-338, Korea

Jin-Ho Lee
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Daejeon, 305-338, Korea


In the present study, a large eddy simulation, at conditions of experiments by Vattenfall, was performed in order to investigate the phenomenon of turbulent mixing affecting the thermal fatigue in a T-junction. Particular attention is paid to the effect of MR on the flow characteristics in a T-junction. To do so, two different MR's (0.114 and 1.04 corresponding to wall jet and impinging jet) are considered.
To investigate the turbulence characteristics related to the thermal fatigue phenomenon, the mean and rms streamwise velocity distributions are examined. Also, the frequency characteristics which are known to be one important parameter for thermal fatigue are seen. The dominant frequency scaled with the bulk property in the downstream region of the junction shows an increased trend with respect to MR.