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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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ISSN Print: 0040-2508
ISSN Online: 1943-6009

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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Buy Issue $394.00 Volume 53, 1999 Issue 7-8

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8

Table of Contents:

Analysis of a Model Physical Structure of Wave Scattering in a Turbulent Atmosphere
V. A. Petrov, V. M. Kartashov
pages 1-5
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.10
A Relaxation Model of Plasma Formations During High-Altitude Discharges
S. I. Martynenko
pages 13-18
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.30
Analysis of the Acoustic Sounding Range with a Quasi-continuous Sounding Radio Signal
V. M. Kartashov, I. B. Nagibin, Ye. G. Proshkin
pages 19-23
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.40
Propagation of Powerful Acoustic Beams Radiated by Atmospheric Sounding Systems
V. M. Kartashov
pages 30-33
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.60
The Peculiarities of Using a Quasi-Continuous Sounding Radio Signals in Radioacoustical Systems
V. I. Aloykhin, V. M. Kartashov, I. B. Nagibin
pages 34-38
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.70
Numerical analysis of radiation properties of a reflector antenna near Earth's surface
C. V. Boriskina
pages 39-42
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.80
Coupling Impedances and Electric Efficiencies of Vertical Dipoles Above the Ground
P. L. Tokarsky
pages 43-47
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.90
On the Problems of Development of Advanced Photonic Telecommunication Systems
I. A. Sukhoivanov
pages 62-68
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.110
Detection of a Pairwise-Correlated Stream of Signals Against a Poisson Noise Background
A. I. Strelkov, O. M. Stadnyk, S. I. Kalmykov, A. P. Lytyuga
pages 69-78
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.120
Efficiency of Nonuniform Coding in the Real Channels of Automatic Control Systems Low-Set Elements when Using Multiposition Time Signals
V. N. Zakharchenko, V. V. Topalov, A. A. Grin', M. G. Borid'ko
pages 79-85
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.130
Rejection Properties of Multi-Aperture Resonant Irises
L. P. Mospan, Victor Ivanovich Tkachenko
pages 86-95
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.140
A Microwave Generator with a Shielded Quasioptical Dielectric Resonator
A. Ye. Kogut, V. I. Lutsenko, S. N. Kharkovsky
pages 96-101
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.150
Middle-Power Millimeter Wave Band TWT Constructed on the Cavity Resonator Array
A. P. Kasyanenko
pages 108-115
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.170
Numerical Modeling of Slow Wave Structures for the Amplitron
A. V. Vasyanovich, N. N. Zamula, M. A. Ustyantsev
pages 116-119
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.180
Transients in the HCN-Laser Plasma
Yu. Ye. Kamenev
pages 120-123
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.190
Extraction of Rate Equation Parameters for Quantum Well Laser Diodes Using DC and Small Signal Measurements
M. Krieg, V. V. Lysak, W. Freude
pages 124-132
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.200
Measuring the Focal Spot Diameter of Laser Radiation by a Thin-Wire Bolometer
V. M. Kuzmichov, S. V. Pogorelov
pages 133-137
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.210
The Polarization Characteristics of Dye Lasers with Lamp Pumping
V. V. Pozhar, S. V. Nikolaev
pages 138-148
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.220
Tunable Pulse-Periodic Dye Laser
M. I. Dzyubenko, V. V. Maslov, V. P. Pelipenko, V. V. Shevchenko
pages 149-157
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.230
Development of Evaluation Criteria and Optimization of Electrochemiluminescent Compositions for Analyzing the Heterogeneity of Conducting Surfaces
A. I. Bykh, A. V. Kukoba, E. A. Chugui, E. M. Belash
pages 166-170
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.250
Examination of Dielectrics by Means of the Cooled Microstrip Resonators
I. N. Bondarenko
pages 171-175
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.260
A Device for Measuring the Current Density in Electrolytes: Analysis of the Measurement Errors
V. I. Shevchenko, O. N. Koshevoy
pages 176-177
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.270
Coordinates of Hazard Radiation Sources Arrangement in the Screened Premise
V. D. Sakhatsky
pages 178-181
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.280
Fiber Plates for Image Conversion Devices
V. I. Bulakh, E. V. Bulakh
pages 182-185
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.290
Electromagnetic Waves Influence on the Content of gases in liquids
B. G. Yemets
pages 186-189
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.300
The Potentialities of Optical and Electronic Devices for Biological Objects Investigations
T. A. Strelkova
pages 190-194
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.310
Software- and Hardware-Controlled Cardiological Diagnostics Complex
A. N. Myatyga, N. P. Mustetsov
pages 195-199
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.320
Dielectric Permittivity of Heterogeneous Disperse Systems
S. V. Gatash, L. D. Styopin
pages 200-203
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v53.i7-8.330