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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v64.i12.70
pages 1047-1056

A Biocompatible PMMA Encapsulated Vision Prosthesis Case for Silicon Retina

Alejandra Alcala D
National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico
Miguel Cruz Irisson
National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico
Volodymyr Ponomaryov
Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico-city, Mexico


Development silicon retinal prosthesis that provides useful vision and also be tolerated by the eye for a long time is steel a big challenge. The sub or epiretinal implant (EI) prosthesis is based upon two guiding principles: the first one looks for reducing the electronics complexity to be implanted within an interlobular platform and the second one must avoid disruption of the normal anatomy of the eye. Those two major consideration have produced artificial retinal design systems based on mounting ocular camera systems outside the aye which transmits to the retinal implant the processing video signal and the power required for its adequate functionality.
In these work we present an alternative prosthesis case which goes against the above principle. The proposed prosthesis case in these work contains the ccd camera, the power battery and the signal processing system inside a PMMA (Polymetyl metacrilate) case which is inserted inside the ocular globe. The PMMA prosthesis case proposed seems to be a solution to the problems presented by the outside camera when transmitting to the (EI), like both the accurately needs to direct vision signals to the implanted electronics artificial retina, avoids noise interference, and solves the scanning problems presented with the outside camera.
The proposed prosthesis case has been implanted in rabbits with excellent biocompatibility results after eight months from the implant, we have clinical evidences the prosthesis could be tolerated by the rabbit eye for long periods of time. The proposal discusses the complexity electronics frontiers, heat dissipation and power requirements for the proposed prosthesis. The surgical procedures in the prosthesis implant and results are discussed.

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