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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN Print: 0018-8166
ISSN Online: 1943-5991

Hydrobiological Journal

DOI: 10.1615/HydrobJ.v49.i1.10
pages 3-11

Morphological Differentiation of Anadara inaequivalves (Bivalvia, Arcidae) in the Black Sea

N. L. Finogenova
Institute of Marine Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine
A. P. Kurakin
Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
O. A. Kovtun
Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University, Department of Hydrobiology and General Ecology


The morphological variability of the invader Anadara inaequivalves (Bruguiere, 1789) belonging to Bivalvia was studied in three sections of the Black Sea, including Odessa Bay, the shelf of the Zmeiny Island, and the Danube River delta, by the method of discriminate analysis. A valid difference in the morphological parameters of the shells of the studied mollusks was revealed. The determined coefficients of the functions make it possible to identify mollusks in terms of a set of morphological characters with the accuracy of classification of 100%.


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