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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN Print: 0018-8166
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Hydrobiological Journal

DOI: 10.1615/HydrobJ.v51.i6.60
pages 53-59

Activity of Aldolase in Tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis with Different Shells Color

A. D. Kulikova
Institute of Biology of Southern Seas National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Sevastopol', Ukraine
T. I. Andreyenko
Sevastopol National Technical University Sevastopol', Ukraine
A. A. Soldatov
Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas National Academy of Science of Ukraine Sevastopol, Ukraine


Activity of aldolase in tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis with different shell color has been studied. Mussels' shell color was measured by photographing and computer processing of digital pictures using Adobe Photoshop CS-3. Four color groups were identified: black, intermediate, dark and light brown. It has been shown that in gill of intermediate and dark brown mussels aldolase activity was lower than in black and light brown. This correlation is described by parabolic function. Aldolase activity in podium and hepatopancreas of differently colored mussels was similar. Reasons of this difference are discussed.

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