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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN Print: 0018-8166
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Hydrobiological Journal

DOI: 10.1615/HydrobJ.v48.i1.60
pages 43-53

Use of Some Biotic Indices for the Assessment of the Sanitary State of the Rybinsk and Gorkiy Reservoirs in terms of Macrozoobenthos Organisms

S. N. Perova
Institute of Biology of Inland Waters Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok, Russia


The most widely used methods of bioindication were analyzed. The Pantle−Buck, Shannon−Weaver, and Goodnight−Whitley indices, and also the Zahner method, were used in assessing the sanitary state of the Rybinsk and Gorkiy reservoirs in terms of macrozoobenthos organisms. These indices were calculated for different sections of the reservoirs. It has been found that in the Gorkiy Reservoir, the deep water section of which is assigned to α−β-mesosaprobic zone with the tendency to α-mesosaprobic zone, the degree of contamination of the water and bottom sediments is higher than that in the Rybinsk Reservoir. In terms of the state of macrozoobenthos, both reservoirs are characterized as moderately contaminated water bodies.

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